Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kruiser update

A couple of these are from our last week of Tot School, but we are taking it easy this summer, just checking books out from the library, watching videos, doing a few activities that go along with what he's learning @ Mother's Day Out, doing some sensory activities that I found on Pinterest, and of course, going to the pool!

 Painting with water...
 Running to the # I called out...
We made "family puppets". He painted TP toobs, and then we stapled pics of family members on top for him to play with.
 Introducing "Tuck", his real turtle friend whom Daddy found while mowing, to his toy turtle. I thought I had taken some pics of this sensory bin, but I guess not. K LOVED it! It contains blue aquarium rocks, this ocean toob, and this one, and of course, water.
 Tuck, RIP, little buddy. Apparently, you did not enjoy the sensory bin as much as K did. :(
 Being silly. 2 yo's are really difficult to photograph!
 This is corn starch & water and food coloring drops. This kept him busy for awhile!
 He decided to dress himself. This is what we came up with. He insisted on the hat! lol
 First night in his big boy bed! (mattress on the floor)

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