Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alphabet Wall

 This was a great addition to our 3 YO year! So simple & fun! We printed the letters off here. I got the ideas from various sites. (Google, "Z is for" for each letter to get ideas.) Here  is one site.

 He painted it black and the glued some bones I had cut out of white paper to make an x-ray.
 Glued on a construction paper umbrella and then added drops of water with a dot marker. Yeah, there's not supposed to be water UNDER an umbrella, but really, it's preschool :)
 Glued on feathers and a beak & feet I had cut from orange foam, along with a googly eye.
 Googly eyes and foam ears & a tale.
 The volcano is made from foam.
 The quilt is made from squares of scrapbook paper.
 Brown crayon, a construction paper bird, a cardboard stick nest and white paper eggs.
Pink & green paint and watermelon seeds cut from black foam.
 He drew brown lines for tracks and then glued the train I had cut out of construction paper.
 Apple stickers from Amazon.
 Painted O blue and then used shiny fish stickers. O is for Ocean.
 Painted it yellow. Genius, eh?
 Glued ribbons on. :)
 Kisses. He used a washable stamp pad to put his lips on.
 Star stickers.
 Caterpillars. (these are from ABC Animals from one of the links above.)
 He actually did this at church, and I borrowed it. :)
 I cut out parts of a house from construction paper and helped him glue them on. I did the flowers. Amazing, right? lol
 He glued on strips of black paper and then 2 eyes to make a zebra.
 This was supposed to be "ice paint". It's really called snow paint- mix together white school glue & shaving cream. I added a few drops of blue food coloring. You can't tell from the pic, but it makes a fluffy, textured paint.
 Lion stickers from $1 spot in Target.
 These bears are also from Animal ABCs.
 Glued on foil. Simple is sometimes best!
 Colored it black with marker, then added foam cut-outs of feet and beak & some googly eyes.
Easter foam stickers I had saved from his Easter eggs the year before.

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