Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fall '13 Schedule

It's no secret I am a schedule freak. If there are any other closet schedule stalkers out there, here's a peak at ours for this fall. :) My goal was to SIMPLIFY and LARGE blocks of FLEXIBLE time slots, so more like a routine, really. We will be trying to go in order, rather than by the clock. 

7-9- Get ready, breakfast, morning routine (dishes, dinner (what's for dinner?), and dipes (throw a load in or fold, as needed).)
9:00- We will start "tot school". See this post for more. I will start chores (hopefully!) somewhere in here.
11:30- Lunch!
12:00- Sensory bins/free play
12:30- G-man goes down for a nap, K to room time. I work out and then do 15 minutes of cleaning in the current zone. (see Flylady.)
1:30- K goes down for a nap. I have my quiet/rest time.
2:30- (This needs to be the only time slot with a strict, kick me in the rear, alarm clock or something!) Kids are still sleeping, get back to chores. (G-man might wake up here too, so maybe that will help. ;) )
3:30- Kids have a snack when they wake, and then outside time while I finish up chores. I may read outside while watching them too.
4:30- TV time for the boys. I fix dinner and finish chores.
5:30- Dinner!
After dinner, we have time with Dad, I do the evening routine, etc, etc. But that's our day in a nutshell!

Oh, here are my chores for each day (goals, at least)....


Monday- Pick up house, bulk cooking
Tuesday- House cleaning (floors, bathrooms, trash). Keep in mind I also spend 15 min a day in each "zone", doing deeper-ish cleaning.
Wednesday- Menu planning, office list (We are gone all morning too.)
Thursday- Errands, work on special projects
Friday- Laundry, weekly to do list
Saturday- Yearly chores, fold & put away laundry

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