Tuesday, March 15, 2011

6-12 Month Must Haves!

This is a little late, but here are my recommendations of really cool baby products for 6-12 monthers. 

  1. Jogging Stroller! Used every day around our house.
  2. Boon feeding spoon. These are great when starting solids & on the go. Just empty the jar of baby food into the spoon and squeeze some out for each bite. 
  3. Bumkins Bibs.  The reason I like these is they are machine washable! (I line dry them.) They are also water resistant for all that messy baby food. (For a drooling baby, the absorbent bibs are best.) They have held up great & are so cute!
  4. Boon bath spout cover. I realize this is one of the more expensive ones, but I love it. You can fill a space with baby wash & push a button to dispense it. The bottom part is soft for when little heads bump it. And the best part (& a feature others didn't have) was that it has an opening up top to pull the shower head on, so we can still use the shower sprayer, w/o taking the entire thing off. This is what I was looking for. 
  5. Halo Sleep Sacks. These are awesome for winter! Blankets aren't safe until baby can go from lying down to sitting up on his own, so use these until then! 
  6. Playtex sippy cup. A friend bought these for K and told me they were the best. I didn't believe her, but NOW I do! I started with the soft spout cups, but eventually all of those started leaking. Or he would push the soft plastic part into the cup & spill the water all over himself! These have never leaked, & lids have never come off. They really are the BEST!
  7. Taggie blankie. A friend had one made for him out of Dick & Jane fabric. It took him awhile to become attached, but the parenting books say it's good for them to become attached to something they can control to make sleep training easier. (It's easy for them to grab a blankie.) DS always plays with the tags on his while falling asleep. Here's an example, but this isn't the one he has. (Tip: buy 2! in case they lose one.)
  8. Toys: ones he likes the most are Vtech electronic toys (they last), board books, keys we no longer use, and things he can chew on.

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