Friday, August 26, 2011

A 2-year-old's Day

Here's what my 2-yr-old's day looks like...

5:30 AM- wake up & scream for milk. Goes back to sleep (after he gets his milk).
7:00 AM- Wake up for real- diaper, clothes, potty
free play
9:00-outside time w/Mom or running errands
10:00- Room Time (this is when he plays alone in his room. I got the idea from Toddler Wise, and it's helped him learn to entertain himself for a little while, as he used to need me to constantly entertain him. I think it'll be useful when baby comes.)
10:30- TV time
11:30- lunch
12:00- help Mommy w/ chores- he can help me unload DW, switch out laundry, or sweep
12:30- NAP
2:30- up
3/3:30- snack, then TOT time (this is play time w/ Mom that is semi-educational)
4:00- free play
4:30- structured play (try to keep him busy while I cook dinner- magnets, coloring, play-doh, etc.)
5:30- dinner
6:00- play w/ Daddy
7:30- bedtime routine

We also do MOPS every other Monday, play dates once a month, & he goes to kid's day program on Thursdays.

Do you have a 2 yr old schedule you can share?

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