Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tot School: Week 1

I admit I was a bit hesitant at starting something, anything so structured (as little structure as it is) @ age 2, but it went really well this week! I just had a sense that K was bored a lot & that we needed a bit more direction in activities we were doing. It helps me at least, because now I feel like there is more purpose than just "playing with mommy" (although that is super important). If nothing else, it motivates ME.

This week:
  • Book of the week: Llama llama, Red Pajama. Honestly, the first time I read it I thought it was dumb & that it would instill fears into my child that weren't there, but K loved it! He wanted me to read it again & again (which is what you do with this curriculum!) We wore our pajamas all day on Friday "just like Llama llama." (that is, until he threw up all over them & me, but that's another story.)
  • Bible story: God made light & darkness (day & night) and water & sky. Today was our first day of Week 2, and I said, "OK, let's go read our story." and K goes, "and see what God made?" He remembers! I couldn't believe he remembered what we were studying! So exciting, and he remembered what we learned from week one. Here's our craft: He had lots of fun with the blue finger paint.

  • Verse, Song, & Rhyme: Genesis 1:1, This Little Light of Mine, Pat a Cake: I feel silly singing these. First of all, I'm terrible @ music, and it just feels weird singing them to one kid who's not even singing with you. That is, until the end of the week. He LOVED this time! We had done these songs before, but he just thought it was the best, and lit up with all grins. By the end of the week, he was helping me out with the motions and could say some of the verse himself!
  • Shape: circle I had a "brilliant" idea for this one, to make circles in shaving cream with circle blocks. It did not work at all. LOL First of all, he wasn't feeling well (this was Fri), and he doesn't really like getting messy with gooey stuff. The shapes did not turn out at all. Good thing circle is the one shape he knows! :) Oh well, you learn by trial & error.
  • We also colored a red wagon, ate red popsicles, played with water & sponges & sidewalk chalk (outside- which he loved).
He's learning yellow at his kids' program, so I made a yellow sensory bin for this month. 

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