Friday, October 28, 2011

Tot School, Week 3

  • Book of the week: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish  

            Here is our craft for our book theme this week. Gluing on the tissue paper squares     was fun for him, and super easy for me. I also put some nomenclature cards of ocean animals in our mini pocket chart for him to play with and learn the names of. 
  • Bible story: God made the sun, moon, & stars.  

          Here is the craft we did: I improvised a bit & used stickers for the stars. He loved sticking those on.  
  • Verse, Song, & Rhyme: Genesis 1:1, Praise God, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Fine motor activity: put baby rings onto paper towel holder. I wasn't sure he would like this activity, but he actually played with it all week!
  • Gross motor activity: We played red light, green light with a little homemade sign I created. He had so much fun running around saying "stop" & "go", but he didn't get the concept at all. lol
  • We also made circles out of play-doh, worked on our "Circle Books", colored a yellow bus, and learned about # 2. His manners skill this week was saying, "thank you". 
Just for fun... here's a pic of him in his costume for the Fall Costume Parade at his children's program. Such an adorable monkey!


  1. Dee - Thank you for sharing ABCJLM with your web family! I wanted to see if you would please update the "ABC Jesus Loves Me 2 yr old curriculum" link in this post as it is broken. Will you please change it to ?

    Thank you! heidi