Friday, October 28, 2011

Tot School, Week 2

This week:
  • Book of the week: Terrific Trains                                                                                           This is not one of the books from the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum, but it is excellent. The rhymes are captivating while actually teaching something about trains. I put the rest of the books in the series on K's Christmas list. K plays with trains pretty much every spare minute, so I didn't really need to add any of that in, but we did make a "shape train." I don't have pics, because he wanted to give it to Nana. You cut out circles for wheels, a rectangle for the train body, a square for the top, and a triangle for the smoke stack; then they glue the shapes together to make a train.
  • Bible story: God made the plants.  Here is the craft we did:                                        You use the bottom of a Coke bottle dipped in paint for the petals & the cap for the center. He didn't really want me to guide his hands to put this together the right way. Next time, I think I'll let him explore the paint on his own before attempting the project. At this age, it's best to just let it go if they don't want to do it "the right way." Connecting frustration with school is not something you want, especially this early!
  • Verse, Song, & Rhyme: Genesis 1:1, The B-I-B-L-E, and a train song
  • Fine motor activity: sorting pom poms by color. He got this concept surprisingly fast. I only had to explain it to him once. I got the sorting tray @ the $ store!

  • We also colored a blue truck, practiced horizontal & vertical lines with window markers. (We have a ways to go on that concept.), and learned about the # 1.

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