Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tot School, weeks 5-8 & some Fall Fun!

I didn't get many pictures of Tot School this month, and I just don't have the time to update every week, so I'm going to try to do an update at the end of each unit. 

Bible: This unit was on God creating the animals: fish & birds, zoo animals, farm animals, and pets. The verse was 1 Thess. 2:13 which Keaton knows now, but it's hard to get him to sing it by himself. :) The songs we did were "If you're happy & you know it" (K's favorite), "Praise Him", "Jesus Loves me", & "Jesus Loves the Little Children." Here is the Bible I use.
Some activities we did: 
  • Cut out & glued pictures of birds from Dad's Ducks Unlimited magazines & stuck fish stickers underneath in the "ocean". We also stuck stickers of zoo animals (which I found in the $ section of Wal-Mart), and drew a "zoo". I will try to post our finished Creation Book after we finish it this week.
  • We played these computer games: farm animal sounds, guess the animal soundpet care game, and create an ocean.
  •  Played with our farm sensory bin.
  • went to the zoo
  • We colored a green balloon to introduce green.
  • sorted color flashcards by color- red, blue, & yellow. 
  • colored with sidewalk chalk, 
  • and are planning on doing THIS activity Friday, which I'm excited about!

Shapes: We worked on our square books some more, learned about the heart shape, and introduced rectangle.

Books of the Week: These went along with our animal theme, except the leaf one, but I figured since it's fall.... We actually went on a leaf hunt outside one day, which was a fun adventure.
Fine motor activities:
  • played with play dough
  • colored vertically on the window with these window markers. (coloring on a vertical surface is supposed to help with motor control.)
  • push pasta through holes in an empty cereal box
  • tear paper. Keaton looked at me incredulously when I suggested this! I explained to him that we only tear trash paper. (He has never torn books or anything else on purpose, so this was new for him.) He put it nicely into a box for me as he tore it, so we could throw it away. Love that kid! :)
Large motor activities:
  • blew up & hit a balloon around- K loved this!
  • rolled his big beach ball pack & forth
  • climbed through his play tunnel & into his tent. He really wanted me to climb through too, but honestly think my pregnant belly would've gotten me stuck in there somehow!
And onto the fun stuff.... Dad was working allll weekend, so I decided not to stay home! Friday we went to the local Children's Museum.

Saturday, we went to the pumpkin patch...
 couldn't get him to sit still...

 He wanted to find a "little punkin", but they didn't have any, so huge-'ol pregnant mom had to carry a big one back to the tractor!
 a little too heavy...

 playing with the water spout...
Petting the goats. We got the feed them some corn, and he was laughing so hard at the goats' tickling his hand with their tongue!
 with Mommy on the hayride. He was scared of it at first, but after we got off, all he could talk about was the tractor.
 LOVE this one. He looks so tough!

Then Sunday, we went to church... (all dressed up beside our pumpkin)

After church & naptime, we went to a fall festival @ a local church. It was okay, but they didn't really have things for his age to do. He did have fun in the bouncy house & getting a few pieces of candy.

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