Thursday, October 4, 2012

A 3 YO Tot School Lesson

The most important thing about a 3 year old lesson is to keep it fun and brief. Well, I say brief, but I'm pretty sure my son would keep me in there doing activities with him all day if I let him. He loves it. If your preschooler ever stops loving "school" it's time to back off some. We do vary things somewhat, now that he's older and knows what's coming and can request his favorites, but here is a typical lesson. 
  • Read the Bible story. We use this book.

  • Say/sing the verse, sing the Bible song and the nursery rhyme or other song of the week, complete with motions.
  • Trace our letter & number of the week. These books were recommended to me, and they are great! There are tracing rhymes to go with each letter & number from ABC Jesus Loves Me. I took a fine tipped Sharpie, and wrote each rhyme on the correct page in these books, so I wouldn't have to memorize them all. I thought they were kinda silly until we used them! He is constantly asking me to tell him the next one and the next one, and I catch him saying the rhymes randomly while he's playing! It's things like that that make homeschooling so fun & rewarding!

  •  Then we sing the letter song from Letter Factory for that letter's sound.
  • Then we do one or two tot trays together.
  • We read the Book of the Week @ bedtime.
That's it! The whole thing takes 30 minutes tops, but the actual lesson part, 10-15. 
In the afternoons, we do crafts or activities that go along with our Bible story, book of the week, theme, or letter. We do one or two, 3 times per week.

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