Thursday, November 8, 2012

A is for Apple

Bible- Adam & Eve. We made a tree out of a TP roll & construction paper top, complete with a pipe cleaner snake. I also had a toy snake which isn't pictured. Memorized Ps 34:13 & sang "O Be Careful little eyes what you see..."
Theme-apples- we did eat apple chips & apple sauce. I meant to buy various apples to inspect & wash but didn't get around to it. Put apple stickers on the A.
Book- Ten Apples Up on Top- SUCH a cute book! He loved it. The paper you see is a picture of him with 10 apple stickers on top that we counted out.
Trays-color matching wheel, A is for apple magnet sheet, Elmo seasons magnetic dress up
Gross motor-Played red light, green light. He liked being the policeman and making Mom run!

See my first post for explanations and what curriculum we are using!

Life Happens
and speaking of snakes... check out this one my husband ran over while mountain biking!

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