Thursday, November 8, 2012

O is for Ocean

This is our first week (well, first post!) of Tot school for '12-'13! For an explanation of what we're doing this year, check out this post and this post. :)

Bible- Creation. We made the creation wheel from the curriculum and reviewed the last 3 days of creation (the first 4 were last week- our intro week.) We memorized Gen 1:1 and sand "This is the Day" and "7 Days in the Week".
Theme-ocean. We made an ocean sensory bin with his little fish and sand (pictured above). He painted an O blue, and then put fish stickers all around it.
Book- The Pout Pout Fish- I love this book! He got it from a mail book exchange we did. It's about loving grumpy people to cheer them up instead of scolding them.
Trays-some animal flashcards, a fish puzzle, the ocean sticker sheet from this set.
Gross motor-Played kick ball

Life Happens
K reading G-man's books to him...

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