Thursday, November 8, 2012

R is for Rainbow

Letter- R (glued ribbon on an R)
Number- 3
Bible- Noah's Ark- we made a lift-the-flap Noah's Ark from paper (in the upper right on the white board & also the rain stick that's on top of the shelf.) We also played with our stuffed Noah's Ark. Memorized John 14:15, sang "Arky Arky" & "Head & Shoulders"
Theme- rainbows- made one out of play doh. He LOVED this & did NOT want me to put it away. I had to do it after he went to bed, and he still asks to make another one. We learned the colors of the rainbow.
Book- What is a Rainbow? 
Trays- sticker rainbow sheet, colored baby bowls that stack & fit together, color wheel from a busy bag swap I went to, and some 2-piece rainbow puzzles.
Fine motor- We practiced cutting straws. He LOVED this! The pieces went flying as he cut. This was really the first time he's done well cutting. I love this idea; it worked so well!

See my first post for explanations and what curriculum we are using!

Life Happens
watering our new trees my grandmother & great aunt bought us!

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