Friday, January 11, 2013

T is for Train!

I neglected to get a picture of our setup! Here are some things we did....
Letter- T- He drew train tracks on a T, then glued on a train that I had cut out. Once again, you can see my amazing art talent, haha. 


Bible- 10 Commandments. We made a "10 Commandments Train" from ABCJLM. Each car has a commandment on it. We also learned the song with motions for each commandment. Our songs were "Trust & Obey" & "Down by the Station." Our memory verse was Duet. 5:6.

Book- The Little Engine that Could. We worked on the number train, putting the numbers in order.

Fine motor- We did a shape sorting activity in our pocket chart.

Gross motor- made a wagon train to push with his cars. If you know K, you know trains are his FAVORITE thing ever, so of course, we pulled out all of his tracks to play with as well. The main one we have is GeoTrax, which are great.

My first post explains what curriculum we're doing. 

I share with 1+1+1=1.

Life Happens...

 Little bro is pulling up on things! Watch out, world!

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