Monday, February 18, 2013

Christmas 2012! & J is for Jesus

This is the only thing I recorded on Christmas morning. :( I hope I learned my lesson. :) K was so excited about his train table from Nana & Grampa.


I'm not going to write a lot about tot school, because, apparently, I didn't take many pics of that either. We did J is for Jesus, read Christmas books, watched Christmas shows, learned the Christmas story, ....

I printed off several puzzles & activity sheets. I laminated this tree & put sticky tack on the back of the ornaments so he could decorate it. 

These are 2 Christmas crafts from church that I thought were cute.

They played with our nativity set a lot too...

Who knew we'd have a White Christmas in Texas?! The boys were so excited! OK, the parents were too. ;)
our snowman...

throwing a snowball @ Mommy....

This was their Christmas present. I had it all set up, & it got yucky pretty quickly!

He's crying because he wants to get DOWN & CRAWL in the mud & snow.

The one pic I took @ family Christmas. K & his cousin E, 3 wks apart, in their Christmas jammies. :)
Here is one of my family.

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