Tuesday, February 19, 2013

G-man turns 1, and a budget b-day party.

 When I saw this outfit @ Crazy Eight's, I knew I had to do a sock monkey theme. And this outfit was probably the most expensive thing we bought for the party! I usually buy the boys' clothes @ resale shops. My friend made the cake. I could never do something like this! I'm so thankful for talented friends! :)
 I got most of the paper ware from Target in their Christmas clearance stuff. I tried to just find stuff that wasn't too Christmassy. It was all 70-80 % off! I decorated red plastic cups with sock monkey stickers from Hobby Lobby that were 1/2 price. I also stamped the napkins with a sock monkey rubber stamp.
 I made my own banners which were from scrapbook paper that was also 1/2 off @ Hobby Lobby. The top one has a pic for each month of his first year.
 Monkey munch (some ingredients were cheap from couponing), popcorn ($1 a bag from couponing), fruit, peanut butter yogurt dip, healthy banana muffins (probably the best thing there!)
 This one came out fuzzy, but it's another banner with shots from each month, all in the laundry basket to see how he has grown!
 Frame was 1/2 off @ Hobby Lobby. The photo was taken @ JCP with one of their coupons. It cost me $18 for the sitting fee & several prints of one pose. (They try to sell you other stuff; you just have to say no. ;) ) The bucket is painted with chalkboard paint & held K's books. I just erased it & wrote "favors." The sock monkeys were @ Walmart in Christmas clearance. They have Santa hats on, but I don't think the kids cared! They were holding candy canes, so I just switched out the candy & them in tiny brown paper bags. The sock monkey: 1/2 off @ HL. :)
 These were the "adult" favors. Coffee koozies my other amazing, talented friends made. I bought the yarn 1/2 off @ Micheal's.
I was so busy getting pics of "stuff" that I only got one of people! Other family members got some good ones though! Lots of family & friends made it for the party.

 "Hmmm, are you sure Mom is going to let me eat this?" That's A-train's (K's friend) head. He is always where the action is. :)

 This child LOVES pillows. He loves to roll around in them & pretend to go "nite nite". Cracks me up!

 The shirt K is wearing we borrowed from a friend.
So it is possible to do a bday party on the cheap. :) I don't pretend to be the best party planner/host; simple & sweet is my goal.

G-man @ 12 months:

He is still not walking much, but DID take his first steps alone the day before the party! He is almost 13 months though, and he crawls really fast. Still not talking or signing. A very particular baby, he knows what he likes & doesn't like! He hates to have his diaper changed or his face cleaned or when we take something from him. He's a great eater & an OK sleeper, still waking at times in the beginning of the night. He's ticklish but more pensive & serious than K. His obsession with batteries & writing utensils is somewhat concerning, haha, but makes us laugh.

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