Sunday, June 2, 2013

V is for Volcano!

Letter- V
Number- 12
Book- Usborne book on Volcanoes
Gross motor- practice jumping over things

We made a volcano. Supplies: baking soda, vinegar, a small bottle, play-doh, rocks, a tray, red food coloring.

 First, we put some baking soda into the bottle, then formed the play-doh around the bottle, then he stuck small pebbles all around it.
 ...the finished product.
 ...a few drops of red food coloring into the vinegar.

 Poor it in...
 Caboom! He was disappointed that the "rocks didn't fly off" when it erupted, "like it does in real volcanoes." LOL We had watched some real volcano videos on the internet. We also viewed "Under water Volcanoes" on Netflix.

For another activity, I spread out some baking soda on a tray, then added different colors of food coloring to vinegar. With a droppper, he made fizzy art with the vinegar on the tray.

Bible- The Good Samaritan. To show love to our neighbor, we made a bag of goodies to give out to a homeless person. We included a bar of soap, a wash cloth, beef jerky, body wash, toothpaste, a toothbrush. deodorant, some loose change, hand sanitizer, floss, chapstick, and a few other snacks. I had most of it in my stash of supplies from couponing. If you coupon, these are easy to make. He was so cute. As we went together around the house, looking for things to put in, he said, "We can give them MY toothbrush. We can give him MY soap. You can give him YOUR chapstick, Mommy! You have a lot." (It's true I have quite a stash!) Our memory verse was Matt 7:12, & our song was "the B-I-B-L-E".

 He was so proud of it. I have not given it out yet, because honestly, unless you go looking there are not many on the street where we live. I did see someone in Dallas while I was there, but I was in the wrong lane to give it to them! It is in our car for next time we're in the city!

Life Happens...
I heard G-man fussing, so I went outside and asked what was happening. "I'm just throwing mud on G." Uhhh, OK. boys....

New haircut...

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