Thursday, May 30, 2013

X is for X-ray (Doctor theme)

Letter- X- He painted it black and the glued some white bones that I had cut out from paper on in an x shape. (sorry, no pic!)
Number- 12
Book- Bernstein Bears go to the Doctor. We played with his toy doctor kit. The one on the clothespin is one he made at school. Inside, it had a bandaid, a glued on cotton ball, and a Q-tip. It was cute!
Bible- Jesus Heals a Girl, songs were "Whisper a Prayer" & "Right Hand, Left Hand", we also reviewed past memory verses

He put together this skeleton poster I printed out. Dad was impressed. For our gross motor activity, we clapped and stomped and did other "body" activities in patterns to a beat. For some reason, he did not want to participate....

 .... as pictured here. Lest you think all is peaches and roses in our house, this is his "I don't want to do school" pose! lol. I had to get a picture. (At age 3, I do NOT make him do "school".)

 X-ray crafts. White paint on his hands, traced with a white crayon.

Life Happens....
 J built a fort for the boys, and then says, "Hey, take a picture for your blog!" haha. They loved it.

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