Tuesday, April 30, 2013

H is for Hammer! (tool unit)

Letter- H- made a house out of the H.
Number- 11
Book- Tap, Tap, Bang, Bang- so cute. It rhymes but also actually teaches them the tools and what they do.
Bible- Wise & Foolish Builders, "Wise Man Built His House upon the Sand" & "This is the way we hammer the nail", etc to the tune of "Here we go 'round the Mulberry Bush". We reviewed some of our past memory verses. This looks like an excellent activity to do with this Bible story. We didn't get to it, but we still need to do it!

We got out Daddy's tools to explore. We played "what's missing", where you take away one thing and they have to tell you what you took. He had SUCH a hard time with it. I'm not sure why, but even with only 3 tools, he couldn't remember. He does have trouble finding things also, so I'm wondering if he's like me in that area, because I have almost no visual memory, and I have a lot of trouble finding things, even things that are right in front on me! We will have to try this game again! :)

Toy tools...
Putting socket set pieces in order of size....
I saw this at the clearance section in Target. He LOVED it! I have trouble getting him to do anything artsy or to work on his fine motor skills, so this was perfect. He did 3 different scenes before getting bored!

Extra activity- We are working on spatial words. This week, we used toy cars to practice the words: around, through, under, over, left, & right.
They also played with one of those cardboard coloring houses that they got for Christmas that I had put away to save for this unit. They played with it a couple of times and didn't really color it at all.
We also have this toy that I pulled out for the unit.

I share with 1+1+1=1.

Life Happens...

A new $2 ball is so exciting! 

PJ's- I don't know how I got them to sit still this long!

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