Saturday, January 25, 2014

Skipper At 2!

Skipper is growing like a weed! He's in that stage where he's learning new words every day, which has to be my favorite stage. It's so much fun! He loves animals, music, and doing whatever his big brother is doing. It's funny how different the second child is. The first copies YOU and wants to be with YOU all the time. The second copies the bigger sibling and wants to be with THEM. :) That's great for Kruiser, because he's so social, and now he can play with his little brother instead of me all the time. The trick is to make sure your oldest is trained well, and then it's easier for the ones that follow. (where did that soapbox come from?) 
Anyway, we love this little man so much! He loves to be silly, KNOWS he's cute and HOW to be cute and make us laugh. I thought he would be more serious, but his little personality is coming out. Since his birthday is right around Christmas, we decided to celebrate in January instead. It works great for now, but I wonder how he'll like that when he's older. 

 I used this recipe for the "cupcakes" with Reddi Whip on top.

 Yes, I used Christmas paper. Don't judge. It's still cold outside. :)
 We got him a CD player and some Cedarmont Kids CDs.
 Farm animals from great-grandmother and great-aunt.

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