Thursday, May 1, 2014

PreK wrap-up, what worked

I had good intentions of posting more about our PreK year, but it just didn't happen. So many times I thought, "ooo, I need to get the camera and document this," but then I realized sometimes just enjoying the moment is more important. Like the week he showed me first thing every morning how much our bean sprouts had grown with such excitement, or him reminding ME to have perseverance when I got frustrated with something.

Here are some things we enjoyed using this year:

 We used only the Bible portion this year. I love how they link a character quality to the story and verse each week.


He knew all of his letters and sounds from last year, so we started reading with BOB Books. Though it might seem intimidating, teaching your child to read is SO MUCH fun!

We used this and the Kindergarten one to pull lots of worksheets. We also used play mats and theme kits from The Mailbox. (They have huge sales twice a year.) 


 He loved doing these books. For a child who is reluctant to start writing, I highly recommend the tracing book to start with. We are continuing with their other books for handwriting next year. They make it so easy and fun.

Our most used resource was definitely Pinterest. Here is my 4YO board with all the themes we did this year, which were:
Community Helpers
All About Me 
My Family
Super Heroes
Weather & Seasons
Aircraft & Big Machines
Reptiles & Amphibians

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