Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kindergarten Plans!

We have decided to do Kindergarten level with Kruiser next year. His birthday is right after the cut-off so technically he would be in PreK next year, but one good thing about homeschooling is that you can do what you want!


We are starting memorization with this catechism this year with K & Skipper (age 2). So excited. :)

This lady has written a 4-day-a-week curriculum on this book. It's excellent. It mostly consists of having conversations with your child. This is right up K's alley. We needed a break from all the crafts and activities!


I learned to read with this book, and I love it. It just makes sense to me. It takes you all the way from short vowel sounds through all the phonemes, with lots of practice. We'll also use Abeka readers in addition to BOB readers.

A phonics workbook we'll pull from.

And, as always, I will read aloud to them...


LOVE Kumon for reluctant writers, which Kruiser definitely is! We will still take it slowly in this area.


 For at least the next 2 years, we are planning on doing science one year and then history the next. Here's what we're doing for science this year. This will be for both boys.

Animal studies (8-9 wks)- I found this neat packet on various types of animals. Skipper loves animals, so I'm hoping he'll enjoy this!
Health/Safety (3-4 wks)
Experiments (kinder level fun stuff) (8-9 wks)
Nature Study (6-7 wks)- Go on nature walks, find stuff we want to "research" or learn more about. Collect bugs, rocks, etc. Learn about trees, plants, birds, whatever they are interested in. Very unstructured. Below is a great book I found for science for any elementary aged child.


We decided not to go with a formal curriculum or workbook this year. Partly because of his writing apprehension and partly because of this information (scroll down to "What Should we Then do?") Ironically, he randomly tells me math facts he has figured out on his own throughout the day, so we will just play with it, work with manipulatives, etc. This is the way we did it this year, and it went really well. I have play mats from The Mailbox, this clock, and am ordering some play $$ as well. We may do a couple activities per week.

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