Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our new Toy/School Room!

I wanted to share our school/toy room. The kids love it as much as I do. :) They share a bedroom, so there are NO toys in there, and then that freed up this room to play in! This is the back right corner. The table & chairs were $30 on Amazon; I want to replace it eventually with a DIY, cute wooden table, but for now, this works. We use it for "table time".

 This the back right corner, our bulletin board and whiteboard. The pocket chart was in the dollar aisle @ Target, as were the animal flashcards. We're doing animal studies for science for the first 10 weeks, and we started with Jungle Animals. 

I've had this calendar since I taught Pre-K 8 years ago! 

Back left corner: The shelves hold our circle/calendar time binders, my school planning binder, and then I have whatever we need for the week in the plastic drawers, so I won't have to hunt things down when we need them. 

This was a Pinterest project reading nook. I cut the mesh off of one side of the pack-n-play and put a crib sheet over the top for a "fort" feel. 

Their work displayed.

Front left corner: This is the exercise area. They come up with routines in the morning during our circle time. We have a mini trampoline, a Waldorf rocker board, a balance disc, and a 5 lb. kettle bell. The stickers on the wall are all of Kruiser's Star Wars stickers. I gave him one wall, and said, "have at it!" lol

Front right corner: TV and train table.

The whole room from the door you walk in. 

I may need to add a pic of the closet later, because it is sweet. Just to the left, before you walk in is a deep walk-in closet where I store MOST of the toys, and all the school stuff. It makes me happy. :) This is a rent house which is the reason for the boring paint color for a play room!

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