Monday, August 3, 2015

Kids' Checklist for Non-school Days

This post probably would have been better timed at the BEGINNING of the summer, since that's when kids are out of school with unstructured time. But it can work on weekends as well. We are beginning homeschooling year round this year, so I will also use it on those weeks off during the nice spring & summer months (when the rest of you will be stuck inside all day... I'm not gloating ;) )

This list is for a 5, almost 6 YO, so you would want to add more for an older child, to keep them busier. 

He checks them off as he goes. Some things are at certain times, like rest time. With others, he can choose the order. I don't make him do the worksheet or chores on Sundays. Under "pick one", I have: make a card or picture to mail to a family member, bake something for a neighbor, help Mom or Dad with something, read for 15 min, listen to a book on tape, I-pad educational games for 15 min, learning activity Mom picks. (You can add your own.)

I don't use this on days where we're gone all day. If we're just gone for the morning, sometimes I'll cross things like "room time" off the list. 

The reward- Screen time! He gets an hour of screen time, but not until all this is done. :) It works really well for us, and sometimes he gets so involved in whatever he's doing, he forgets about screen time, at least for awhile....

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