Wednesday, January 2, 2013

G is for Goat (farm)

Letter- G (glued glitter on G)
Number- 4

Bible- Crossing of the Red Sea- Our memory verse was Philippians 4:19. We sang "He's got the Whole World in His Hands" & "Old MacDonald" (one of K's favs) Here is a cute craft that looked just a little complicated for 3yo boy.

Book-Big Red Barn. We have several farm toys he played with. One is pictured above. We also a tube similar to this one , the older version of this toy, and a toy John Deere tractor.
Here is a post I did before with a farm sensory bin. We also did some farm themed printables- a coloring book & a sheet that sorted items by "food" and "animal".

Tot Trays- toys mentioned above, farm animal flash cards, I can't remember what else! I come up with these each week and don't write down what all we do!

Gross motor- We reviewed shapes by him jumping to the one I called out. We drew them with sidewalk chalk outside.

See my first post for explanations and what curriculum we are using!

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