Sunday, April 7, 2013

L is for Love!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Letter- L- I gave him the choice of leaves, lions, or hearts for love. Of course, he chose lions! 

Number- 9 (We are just working on number recognition at this points, as well as some basic counting.)

Book- I gathered all the books about love I could find. His favorite is I love you Stinky Face!

Bible- Daniel in the Lions' Den, Luke 1:37, "My God is so Big"

I put together a Valentine sensory bin for him. He was making valentines for his friends. "My friends will love these SO much, Mom. They'll really love them!"

And I let G play with the baby-friendly version. He loved it!

 We reviewed colors by coloring hearts different colors. Again, a rare shot of him coloring, as it's not really his thing. We also did a few other valentine printables.

Making valentines for school friends... I wanted to do candy-less valentines. I saw the pencil idea on Pinterest, and I already some cards, so I punched holes in them and stuck the pencils through. Actually, K did that part! 

 They say "you've got the write stuff," or "you're all write."
 Here are their valentines from me.

 Life Happens...
...and sometimes it's great! My husband bought my favorite flowers! We went out to dinner a different night. Valentines night is just toooo crazy! We try not to go out that night. For Valentines, we usually take turns planning a fun date for the other person. It's lots of fun.

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