Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tot School- Winter!

I kind of combined our 2 winter units- P is for Penguin & I is for Igloo. 

Bible- We learned about David & Goliath & the Prodigal Son. Things get a little out of order as the year goes on. That's OK! The verses were Phil 4:13 & Eph 4:32. The songs were "Only a Boy named David", "12 Months in a Year", "God is so Good" & "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". 

Books- That's not my Penguin! & The Mitten
I made them some fake snow. It worked really well and really felt like snow! (only w/o the cold), but it was freezing outside. We have an arctic Diego playset that I let them play in the "snow" with.

G-man is mad because I wouldn't let him IN the bucket.
 We made a P Penguin. Here is K, coloring furiously, a rare sight actually!

Magnet sheets.
And here is our "ice" I. It was supposed to be "ice paint", shaving cream mixed with white glue and little blue food coloring.

Life Happens...

Something was exciting...

 Cute, even though he doesn't match. :)

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